Save Money on College Textbooks: Tips for Buying Textbooks On Biblio

Find the books you need at a price you can afford! Here are some tips on how Biblio can help students save money on textbooks:

Shop by ISBN

One of the most important pieces of information you need for shopping online for textbooks is the required ISBN. Searching by ISBN ensures that you will receive the right book with the right components, and lets you search across booksellers to compare prices. Just enter the ISBNs, and see what options are available using our easy price comparison!

Used Textbooks Save Money

Before purchasing a new textbook, try to find a used copy. Biblio has thousands of Sellers that sell used textbooks. Pay attention to the condition and ISBN to ensure you get the item and all the components you need. While a ‘Good’ condition copy may have writing and highlighting, what you sacrifice in looks, you make up with savings.

Instructors’ Editions

The Teacher’s Edition or Instructor’s Edition is generally the same content as the student edition, but has the answers to the study questions. Check with your professor or teacher to ensure that they are alright with you using the Instructor’s Edition in their class. If so - you can often save a lot of money with these books.

International Editions

International editions are versions of a textbook that have been produced for a market outside of the U.S. Often differing in small ways, such as different covers, illustrations, and pagination, they can represent enormous savings over the U.S. edition of a textbook. Again, you should check with your professor, but if the International version is acceptable, you can save a lot of money.

Older editions

Ask your instructor if a previous edition of the text is acceptable. They are often sensitive to the high costs of college books and may be willing to work with you, and previous editions can be much cheaper than the latest edition of the book.

Save on Shipping

Some sellers offer free shipping, and others a discount on shipping if you are ordering multiple items from their store. Pay attention to shipping costs and time - ordering early is always best!

Order early

Textbooks, like most anything else, are driven by market demand. This means the longer you wait to order your textbooks, the more likely the prices will increase. Buy as soon as you know your course requirements to get the best price possible and minimize any chance of delays. If you do need to return a textbook, check out our BIBLIO Guarantee.

More ways to save money on college textbooks

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